The inaugural Summer Cruise to Salute Our Vets 
The 2014 season has some major differences and similarities from last year.  The competition has been stronger, the speeds are getting faster, and the drivers are getting hungrier.  However, similar to last year is the driver sitting up top, the #29 of Corey Fancy.  Going into the August 30th event at Willow Springs International Raceway, the big question in the TOYOTA SWS is: Can anyone catch the 29?
With three wins in the first four rounds, Fancy has been a dominant factor.  The streak has only been an indicator of how powerful the #29 team has become, but if anything the rest of the field has only been more competitive.  Bear Rzesnowiecky is the only other driver to claim a victory this year, and trails Fancy by a mere 10 points in the championship hunt.  Gail Chase has had a streak of 3rd place finishes, and holds the third position.  A number of drivers could emerge as the streak-breaker to Fancy, but they’ll have to do so in 20 laps of action, including the 5 lap shootout at the end.  Legends and Trucks will also be on tap for this great weekend of racing. 

This weekend also marks the inaugural “Summer Cruise to Salute Our Vets.”   The series will be launching Racing 4 Vets, a special organization of racers and teams doing what they can to help those who have risked it all for our country.  The SWS series will also be honoring the Boy Scouts of America.

Come on out to Willow Springs this Saturday and have some fun with us, for what is sure to be an exciting day filled with TOYOTA SWS racing action on the 9-turn, 2.5 mile road course.  
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Racing Schedule
Gates open at 7am - Practice starts at 8:30 – Qualifying starts at 1pm – Legends race at 1:30 - Super Trucks 2:30 - Superlate race starts at 3:30

Car Show Schedule
We would like to express our thanks to everyone that comes out to our Inaugural Summer Cruz to Salute our Vets

Cars and spectators can show up as early as you would like
Cars will be lined up in turn one behind the grandstands, there is no entry fee for this event. 
Two occupants per car are allowed in for free, car must be part of the car show! 
Car show cars will be allowed 2 parad laps during our lunch hour, we ask if you can please bring an American Flag to hold out your window during your parade lap 
We will be having some drawings and givaways from 10-1
Pinup girl contest time will be posted by Fri.  

Houchin Blood Bank will be with us also with give aways and prizes
Make sure you see Christina 


1.   #10 Stefan Rzesnowiecky 1:23.273
2.   #29 Corey Fancy 1:24.447
3.   #59 Kevin O'Connell 1:24.463
4.   #63 Gail Chase 1:24.576
5.   #56 Ron Esau 1:24.992
6.   #7 Andrew Porter 1:26.181
7.   #72 Michelle Nagai 1:26.884
8.   #65 George Atkinson 1:28.240
9.   #51 Steve Hamilton 1:29.512
10.   #10w Mike Cohen 1:33.743
11.   #57 Chuck Craddock

Full Points

1.   #3 Race Liberante 1:31.520
2.   #78 Lucas McNeil 1:32.217
3.   #55 Alan Padelford
4.   #66 Brian Jeffery 1:37.538

1.   #74 Karlee Polon 1:44.451
2.   #13 Gary Sheuerell 1:42.280
3.   #5 Frank Silva 1:47.513

1.   #10 Bear Rzesnowiecky
2.   #56 Ron Esau
3.   #29 Corey Fancy
4.   #63 Gail Chase
5.   #7 Andrew Porter
6.   #72 Michelle Nagai
7.   #51 Steve Hamilton
8.   #65 George Atkinson
9.   #59 Kevin O'Connell
10.   #10w Mike Cohen
11.   #57 Chuck Craddock

Full Points

1.   #3 Race Liberante
2.   #78 Lucas McNeil
3.   #55 Alan Padelford
4.   #66 Brian Jeffery

1.   #13 Gary Sheuerell
2.   #74 Karlee Polon
3.   #5 Frank Silva